Free national economy delivery for orders over R600.

Shipping Info (International)

International Shipping

Our international shipping is done through FedEx and is a door-to-door service. Delivery takes between 14 and 16 days. Shipping costs are based on weight and increase in 0.5kg increments. Each headwear unit weighs roughly 100g.

Please take note that these shipping values exclude any duties and fees due on the parcel's arrival in your region. International shipments are subject to duties and fees that vary by country and are based on the value of your order. The amount calculated depends on the destination country's tax and valuation method and are to be paid by the customer. For more info please visit the FedEx website as well as the regulations at the final destination.

International Shipping Costs


Angola, Mauritius, Ghana, Nigeria

0kg-0.5kg - R340

0.5-1.0kg - R555

Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland

0kg-0.5kg - R180

0.5-1.0kg - R320

Australia, New Zealand

0kg-0.5kg - R292

0.5-1.0kg - R540

Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Ireland

0kg-0.5kg - R345

0.5-1.0kg - R470

USA, Canada, Mexico

0kg-0.5kg - R255

0.5-1.0kg - R400

Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Cambodia

0kg-0.5kg - R545

0.5-1.0kg - R610

India, UAE

0kg-0.5kg - R275

0.5-1.0kg - R495

Oman, Qatar

0kg-0.5kg - R390

0.5-1.0kg - R600

South Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore

0kg-0.5kg - R300

0.5-1.0kg - R540


We ship worldwide. If you do not see your country above, please contact us at for shipping costs.