About Us

Vocap, built on a love for words, headwear and South African gees.

A practical take on headwear for any occasion. From adventures in the lush Drakensberg mountains, days in the sun at Newlands stadium, days that accidentally turn into nights at the local pub and even when the dress code is semi-formal at your cousins wedding.

Vocap breaks barriers and provides the opportunity for a stranger to spark up conversation, to find a kindred spirit in a foreign land without saying a single word or to annoy your grandparents at a family gathering boasting a ‘vol kak’ peak. It could be worse, Ouma, it could be worse.

Although we fully support wearing your heart on your sleeve, we think wearing your heart on your headwear is a little safer.

With Vocap the opportunities for impact, engagement and making statements are endless. Wear it, say it, with pride, with humour, with intrigue.