Sunny Strings in support of S-Cape

Vocap and S-Cape have partnered to create some very lekker Sunny Strings!

100% of profits from our gorgeous Sunny Strings go to S-Cape

What are Sunny Strings you may ask? Sunny Strings are colourful beaded chains for your Sunglasses sporting all your favourite Saffa words and phrases, made with love in Cape Town by some very special S-Cape ladies. 

About S-Cape

Not I But We is a social enterprise of S-Cape.  S-Cape is a safe house for survivors of human trafficking, and the only human trafficking specific safe house in all of South Africa.  The services are holistic and S-Cape provides shelter, food, medical and psychological care, trauma informed therapy, legal assistance, life skills training and income generation, and reintegration and/or reunification with family when possible.  

Not I But We started as a result of realizing the lack of viable employment options for survivors.  Many residents arrive with little to no education, often from impoverished areas with little access to jobs or sustainable and dignified employment.  With growing unemployment it has continued to become more difficult for residents to find jobs when they exit the program.  

Not I But We wanted to create a way for residents to begin making an income while in the safe house as a way to build financial security and begin their new life, as well as provide the potential for long term employment. Residents learn to make products and are paid a living wage while learning skills in a compassionate environment.  After residents are paid, the remaining revenue is reinvested back into S-Cape to improve and expand their services.  

For more information on Not I But We and S-Scape, please contact Madison Barefield on Follow Not I But We on Instagram here