Lusindiso Malgas | @sign_diso

Like thousands of South Africans, warehouse packer and father of 3, Lusindiso Malgas, 27, originally from Sterkstroom in the Eastern Cape, lost his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without a formal education and very few resources, Lusindiso found himself in a predicament. He found an innovative way to spread joy, as well as support his family, by drawing funny placards to entertain passers-by in Blouberg, Cape Town. From a young age, Lusindiso has had to rely on his sense of humour to get him through tough times.

With his warm personality on full display, Lusindiso caught the attention of a good samaritan who launched a Instagram Page and a Crowdfunding campaign through BackaBuddy to help him achieve his goals.

The campaign went live on 22 July 2020 and has thus far raised over R90,000 towards his fundraising goal of R250,000 with contributions from donors all over the world.

Funds raised will help Lusindiso achieve his dream of becoming a homeowner and be reunited with his children who are currently living with his parents in the Eastern Cape.

Lu’s plan is now to get back in the job market by creating his own Cap and T-Shirt line. He plans to integrate his funny messages on his designs and continue to bring a smile to people’s faces.

To make a donation via Snap Scan or Credit Card to Lusindiso’s crowdfunding campaign please visit

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